“No One Wants to See a Woman Hurt”: Veteran-Writer Brooke King

The Military Spouse Book Review | May 27, 2015

“Across the aisle from my hooch, Private Ricky Sullivan sat on his stoop in full battle rattle clinging tightly to a set of dogtags that weren’t his.” So begins Brooke King’s short story “Permanent,” published in 0-Dark-Thirty (Oct. 31, 2014). Brooke is a veteran-writer who served in Iraq in 2006. Upon returning home, she earned her M.F.A. in creative writing and is working on a memoir about her experience.I met Brooke briefly at A.W.P. last month. She’s a young woman brimming with energy, juggling motherhood with writing, speaking out as a voice for veterans and, perhaps somewhat uniquely, for “those who write about war or conflict from a different perspective than just the occupier’s lens.” After reading more of her writing, I got a stronger sense of who she was: someone who pulls no punches and suffers no bullshit