War Flower

My Life After Iraq

Potomac Books | March 2019

Brooke King has been asked over and over what it’s like to be a woman in combat. But the answer she gives is never exactly what the public wants to hear. The answers people seek lie instead in the graphic details of war—the sex, death, violence, and reality of it all as she experienced it. In the searing memoir War Flower, King breaks her silence and finally reveals the truth about her experiences as a soldier in Iraq. Find out here what happens when the sex turns into secret affairs, the violence is turned up to eleven, and the hate for a country King knew nothing about as a nineteen-year-old becomes even more sickening to her as a thirty-year-old mother writing it all down before her memories fade into oblivion.

The unforgettable story of a girl who went to war and returned home a woman, War Flower gathers the enduring remembrances of a soldier coming to grips with post-traumatic stress disorder. As she recalls her time in Iraq, King reflects on what violence does to a woman and how the psychic wounds of combat are unwittingly passed down from mother to children. War Flower, then, is ultimately a profound meditation on what it means to have been a woman in a war zone and an unsettling exposé on war and its lingering aftershock. For veterans such as King, the toughest lesson of service is that in the mind, some wars never end—even after you come home.