Veteran Writers On Coming Home

So Say We All | December 5, 2015

Incoming features true stories from American veterans and service members, in their own words, surrounding the process of returning home from deployment, and transitioning back to civilian life. Featuring stories from Benjamin Busch, Matt Young, Brandon Lingle, G. Michael Smith, Kurt Kalbfleisch, Robert Shaw, Kelli Hewlett, Sierra Crane, Brooke King, C.S. Griffin, Cassondra Brewster, Alex Flynn, Samuel Abel, Brent Wingfield, Gill Sotu, Doug D’Elia, Tenley Lozano, Jim Ruland, Zack Dryer, Andrew Szala, Vance Voyles, Natalie Lovejoy, Gail Chatfield, Andrew Miller, Nathan Webster, Derrick Woodford, Anthony Moll, Lisbeth Prifogle, Adam Stone, Eric Strand, Mariah Smith, Samuel Chamberlain, Benjamin Rothman, William Corley, Allysa Kropp, and Rolf Yngve.